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Memorial Service for Sister Kuniko Ariga

February 7, 2021 during the morning service second congregational hymn while playing the organ, Sis. Ariga fell backwards suddenly. After the sudden shock of her fall the members of Abiko Baptist Church realized the situation was really severe when Pastor Nobukatsu called out she wasn't breathing. Later in the day, after receiving information from the doctor, we were told that she had an aortic dissection and actually had passed away then while she fell. Even in her death she was working hard for the Lord doing what she loved. We have the hope and assurance that she was happy be called to the Lord in his house of worship surrounded by her church family.

Today we celebrate her life and service for the Lord while remembering her big presence in Abiko Baptist Church. She has left a hole in our hearts and in her places in the church, but we rejoice that she is in the presence of the Lord and reunited with her husband on the eve of his death. Many members that have stayed home to prevent spread and protect themselves from the corona virus, were able to come to church again for the sake of Sis. Ariga. Also on this day after each service church members went to where her body is currently being held to see her face one last time before she is cremated at the funeral ceremony on Monday, February 15 . The burial will be postponed until her youngest son can return to Japan from Mexico and complete a 2 week self quarantine. We'll try to post information about that on the homepage for those interested.

Photos from the services today.

Here is her testimony that she gave when she was baptized and became a member of Abiko Baptist Church in 2008.

We'll meet again in Heaven one day, Sis Ariga.

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