At Abiko Baptist Church, we offer a variety of Sunday School classes. All starting at 10:00 AM, the classes are divided into adults, children (toddlers to elementary 6th grade), youth (junior high students to young adults), newly converts and the Filipino class (also for any English speakers).


This class is for preschool and elementary aged kids and held in the fellowship hall on the first floor. Together with the youth class, everyone sings a few songs to start the sunday school classes and then the classes split up. The children are taught by various ladies of the church that take turns each Sunday or each teach certain children age groups. 


This class includes those in junior high and high school as well as young adults. Taught by Asst. Pastor Nobu Amari or Sis. Mika Amari and held on the third floor. 


A class taught in Japanese by various members for adults. Held in the sanctuary on the second floor.


Led by Brother Rex Angcon, this class to minister to the Filipino members and others in the area. Languages used are English, Bisaya (Cebuano) and Tagalog, therefore any visitors uncomfortable in using Japanese are welcome to join. Held in the room behind the sanctuary on the second floor.


This class is a for new Christians or people that want to learn more about the gospel or interested in baptism. It is held in the pastor's office on the third floor and led by Pastor Shinji Amari. 


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270-1144 Chiba-Ken, Abiko-shi, Higashi abiko 1-1-3, Japan

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