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Movie & Fun Night

This past Sunday, Aug 25, the church held a movie night and fun event for youth in the evening.

Starting from 4pm, everyone gathered on the 2nd floor sanctuary. Before starting the movie we sang a few worship songs and took an offering. We watched an episode of an animated series called Superbook. In this series two children and a robot are often taken back in time to the Bible ages to learn a lesson from people in the Bible. Tonight's episode we saw them go back to see Jesus telling parables and also help Micah find a sheep that keeps going astray.

After the movie, Bro. Nobu gave a short message that pertained to what was shown in the movie.

Then we went downstairs for some group games while we waited for dinner to finish being prepared. The children were divided into 3 groups for team games that were very entertaining to watch. Dinner was finally ready and we enjoyed many yummy foods prepared by a few Abiko members.

Once everyone had finished eating we went outside to the parking lot of the church seminary down the road to pop some fireworks. There were many sparklers to choose from for everyone to enjoy and at the end we all watched together as some people lit up some fountains in a line. It was hard to light them because the wind was blowing a bit but it turned out great anyway.

There were many first time visitors and non-members that attended the event. I pray that they will come back and want to learn more about our Lord and want to trust in Him. Can't wait until the next fun event!

See you next time,


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